Plumbing & Electrical Supplies in Felton, Delaware

Our hardware store in Felton, Delaware, gives you access to top-quality plumbing and electrical supplies. At Felton Hardware, Inc., we want to be your source for materials that help you keep your project
on schedule.

The Right Fit in Plumbing

Everything you need to do a first-rate plumbing job is available at our store, including all types of fittings and fixtures. We also carry the latest in kitchen and bathroom faucets, which make your home or business more modern and energy efficient. Plus, we offer frost-proof hydrants and water pumps from Goulds™ and Wayne™ to keep your water delivery systems operating properly.
Plumbing, Electrical Supplies in Felton, DE

Keep the Current Flowing

Felton Hardware, Inc. carries many different electrical items, so if you need it you'll find it here. Because our inventory is so extensive, you save time and money shopping for the electrical supplies you need. We offer:
• Potting Soil
• Garden Tools
• Connectors
• Electrical Plugs
• Adapters
• Brakes
• Conduits
• Camper Cords
• Electrical Boxes & Sockets
• Electrical Wires—UF and Romex™
Contact our hardware store in Felton, Delaware, for quality construction materials at prices that fit your budget.