Lawn & Garden Supplies in Felton, Delaware

Felton Hardware, Inc. of Felton, Delaware, carries quality lawn and garden supplies that make yard work and landscaping easier. Call us at (302) 284-4536 for more information about our prices on the materials you want.

Make Your Garden Grow

Felton Hardware, Inc. provides you with many types of seeds to grow beautiful and healthy flowers, vegetables, and herbs. We also carry more than 200 different varieties of bedding plants for each season. Other supplies available include:
• Potting Soil
• Garden Tools
• Mowers
• Tillers
• Insecticides
• Fertilizers
• Lawn & Garden Chemicals
• Mower Parts & Blades
Landscape, Lawn & Garden Supplies in Felton, DE
Visit our hardware store in Felton, Delaware, for supplies that help you cultivate healthy lawns and gardens.